Professional Coffee Grinders KM 80 98 120

KM80, KM98, KM120
- Designed for quick and quality grinding of great quantity of coffee beans
- Suitable for intensive work in coffee shops, stores, micro coffee roasters, coffee ¬†roasters laboratories  and large supermarkets for self service
- Precise and easy stepless grinding adjustment from powder for Turkish/Arabic coffee, espresso, filter coffee up to very coarse for cold brew
- Original design provides cooling of the grinding block inside and outside by two independent fans and provides low temperature ground coffee
- Grinding without loss of aroma and flavour
- Special grinding burrs geometry provides precise homogenous grinding in wide range
- Grinding burrs from premium quality instrumental steel with high wear resistance and hardness
- Special technology of the burrs hardening in vacuum provides them hardness in the whole range
- Stable fixing of the coffee bag
- Reliable, easy to operate, maintain and service
- Quick and easy to clean, ensuring opportunity to grind coffee beans of various aroma
- Acceptably quiet grinding sound
- Steel body painted in different colours

Technical data

    KM 80 KM 98 KM 120
Voltage V 230~ 400~3N 400~3N
Frequency Hz 50 50 50
Power W 1100 1500 1500
Grinding blade speed tr/min 1350 1350 1350
Average grinding capacity g/min 450 650 850
Coffee bean container g 1000 1000 1000
Grinding burrs mm 80 98 120
Net weight kG 26 27,5 28
Width  mm 255 255 255
Depth mm 315 315 315
Height mm 770 770 770

* Other electric specifications available upon request